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Exploring Vienna


When we sent an e-mail to our newsletter subscribers, offering them a spot on a special walking tour through Vienna’s second district, Leopoldstadt we were surprised by the great return. To our delight the tour was fully booked within 3 hours.

The exclusive event kicked off at our office with an introduction to instant-photography and the vintage Polaroid 600 cameras. The explanation was accompanied by coffee and snacks.

Group Picture Prater Tour Launch

Exploring Vienna’s second district vintage style

The dark clouds that were looming in the Vienna sky eventually disappeared as the group entered the metro. We took U2 to station Krieau close to the newly built University of Business and Economics (WU). This building complex is a place full of interesting world class architecture. Shapes, shadows and lines were offering themselves for being snapped with the cameras. Next we passed the popular club location Pratersauna who’s walls featured a number of beautiful graffiti. A popular photo subject which we embrace in our Urban tour.

The main attraction of this sightseeing tour is the Prater or Wurstelprater, an almost 250 year old amusement park. The park had it’s 250 year anniversary in 2016!

As you can imagine, the place is full of colorful subjects waiting for being a Polaroid taken off. We concluded the photo walk at Supersense, the home of analog delicacies, the new baby of “The Impossible Project” founder Florian Kaps. The girls gang (yes, it was all girls) took a crazy number of fantastic pictures, some of them can be seen in the pictures below.

Now take a look at the photos of a perfect day:

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