Not For The Faint of Heart (If Your A Vegetarian)

Viennese Meat Dishes


A while ago we wrote an entry on where to get the best food around our office. The “Sophort Headquarters” are located in the ninth district of Vienna. The district is called Alsergrund and the area – “Grätzel” in Viennese, is called Servitenviertel (Serviten Quarter).

This entry will be the first part of a number of posts that cover the questions that are asked by many visitors to Vienna. They are asked over and over again and they are legitimate questions. But they’re also a hard to answer. But let’s try 🙂

What are typical Austrian dishes? What should I order at a Restaurant?

It’s a difficult question because the Austrian cuisine is influenced by so many other cultures and derives from the Austrian-Hungarian empire. Therefore you’ll find similar dishes in Restaurants in Hungary and the Czech Republic. Not the exact same, but for example you can get Gulyas in all three countries.
Today we cover dishes that contain meat. Sorry vegans, you have to wait a little longer. But, you’ll be served (pun intended).

You can find the other posts here:

So, here we go:

Wiener Schnitzel


Wiener Schnitzel

Wiener Schnitzel
Photo credit: ルーク.チャン.チャン / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

The CLASSIC! Typically every carnivorous visitor to Vienna is craving a Wiener Schnitzel. Traditionally this is breaded and fried veal, but most of the times you can also choose the cheaper pork, chicken or even turkey.

We recommend potato salad as a side, but potatoes with parsley is great to. Quite common as a side are fries, which, well, are fries. You can have them everywhere so get something else. Your Schnitzel comes with a slice of lemon, that’s not just for decoration!

Pierce your Schnitzel with your fork and drip the lemon juice over it. Why? Just do it 😀

We can recommend the Schnitzel at Rebhuhn. Figlmüller is in every tour guide. They are famous for the size. Also at Plachutta at the Opera you can get great Schnitzel as well as all the other Viennese cuisine staples.

Backhendlsalat (Breaded chicken on salad)



Photo credit: Hellebardius / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Not exactly Viennese cuisine – it’s origin is in the Austrian state of Styria, but a great option if you’re looking for some tasty breaded chicken! It is served on a mixed salad (leafs and potatoes) and marinated with the dark, delicious Styrian Kürbiskernöl (oil from pumpkin seeds).

Stelze (pork knuckle)



Photo credit: Bitzinger / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Crispy! Look out for crispy. Usually served with mustard and fresh horseradish. Get a large beer and relax. Famous for this dish in Vienna is the Schweizerhaus at the Prater.

Tafelspitz (boiled beef fillet)



Photo credit: hpoberlin / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Beef fillet from the shoulder, cooked for hours in a hearty beef-soup and then served with an apple-horseradish and a chives sauce. Popular side: Extra-crispy fried potatoes.

Our tip: Plachutta is famous for this dish and it’s the best I’ve tried in Vienna.

There are obviously many, many more delicious Viennese meat dishes, but we think this list is a good start.

You are back home and in the mood for some Austrian delicacies? The Vienna tourism board has a great collection of recipes. Follow the link for their meat recipes.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this mouth watering read. Stay tuned for the next part that covers sweet dishes. Yum!

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